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  • Each and every small basic concepts of yoga is explained lucidly. A good thing for beginners. Wishes the endeavours a great success.


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Dharana is the Sixth Anga(Facet) of Patanjali Yoga. It means concentration or one-pointedness. Japa or repetitive chants or prayers or specific combinations of sounds have been used across many religious faiths as a important component in their regular religious practices. In modern terms, Japa is a form of mental endurance training. It requires a clear focussed mind to efficiently do the practice. One of the important attribute of this practice, is its impact on the mind of the practitioner. This Dharana tool helps to capture and quantify the mental focus of each session. Based on the feedback, regular practitioners can make necessary adjustments and improve their practice. The suggested minimum, in terms of Lap or Malas is 1 Lap/Mala and 108 Counts. The user can set appropriate number of Laps or Malas.

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